Available Kurilians

Currently there are no Kurilian Bobtail Cats available

The Kurilian Bobtail Cat is a slow to mature breed, taking as long as five years to reach full size and maturity.

Pet kittens are altered, for a female that is a spay surgery, for a male that is neuter surgery, before they are placed in a new home.  Altering surgery is not done until the kitten weighs at least four pounds.

At OrchidBobs Cattery kittens are not released until they are at least sixteen weeks of age or older.  It is imperative that kittens be allowed to remain with their mother and litter mates until they develop appropriate social skills.  This includes good litterbox habits, the use of an appropriate scratching post and understanding that biting or scratching is not acceptable play with humans.  Kittens learn their play habits from their mother and litter mates and soon understand what is too aggressive when playing together.

No Cats or Kittens are shipped as cargo from OrchidBobs Cattery.  If you are not able to come to OrchidBobs to pick up a cat or kitten arrangements can be made for appropriate transportation to your home.

All OrchidBobs litters are registered with ACFA [American Cat Fanciers Association], CFF [Cat Fanciers’ Federation] and TICA [The International Cat Association] and all kittens are placed with registration certificates from each of these associations and a 4 generation pedigree.

Breeder kittens or cats are placed only with catteries that have a cattery registered with any of the three associations listed above and breeders are required to join the Kurilian Bobtail Breed Group in at least one association.

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